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PE & Sports at our school

Here at Little Thurrock we are committed to developing the physical literacy of every child. Physical Literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Enabling children to become physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers. This is the focus of our PE and school sport programme here at Little Thurrock, and can be achieved if our children encounter a range of age and stage-appropriate opportunities through the curriculum and competitive opportunities.

As well as the obvious health benefits of Physical Education (PE), our children also learn to develop the qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, teamwork, and ambition, leading to improved concentration, attitude, and academic achievement. It also supports our strong commitment to arts education through the teaching of dance which is delivered across both key stages.

We welcomed the Government’s announcement in June 2013 to provide additional funding for two years to improve the provision of PE and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in delivering high-quality PE lessons for everyone, in addition to more opportunities for competitive sport and clubs for all our children.

The PE curriculum is delivered by a specialist to all children which ensures all children have access to high-quality PE. (with a high proportion above age-related expectations)

The further development of the PE curriculum since the national changes came into effect in September includes:

  • PE professional development training is delivered to all staff to ensure high-quality PE is delivered across both key stages to all classes, and that the entitlement to high-quality PE is part of the QFT offered here at LTPS.
  • Affiliation to national and local PE organisations to maximise the sporting opportunities for Little Thurrock children. (eg: Essex Cricket and the local School Sports Partnership)
  • The delivery of high quality inclusive whole school events such as Sports Days and creating others in partnership with the LTSA and external organisations.
  • Greater provision and flexibility in getting children to sporting fixtures both in and out of school hours.
  • Enhancing the physical development of children with SEND.

Last year over two hundred and fifty children attended sports clubs both during the school day and after school. We hope to exceed that this year and provide even more opportunities to instil a love of physical exercise into our children.

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